On May 19 to 21, 2023, we had the privilege of hosting a conference in Montreal. The theme was “Give Me Oil In My Lamp”, how God’s final remnant must prepare for the blessing of the Latter Rain. Around 120 participants attended this event, during which we heard encouraging and uplifting messages from Bro. Peter D. Lausevic. All attendees felt inspired to pray for our need for the Holy Spirit.

We had the baptism of Sr. Anifie Etienne on Sabbath, a public testimony of the commitment she had made in her heart. She shared a touching testimony of how God had led her to take this important step. The congregation rejoiced through songs of praise. 

In the afternoon, we attended the ordination ceremony of Bro. Etienne Lombard to the ministry. The whole family joined in a pledge to the fulfilment of the Gospel Commission and the support of God’s visible church on earth.

The Toronto Orchestra and Choir blessed the audience with their performance of spiritual songs and uplifting hymns.

On Sunday, we had a more relaxing time and obtained God’s blessings of clement weather for the outdoor conclusion of the Conference.

Several guests came to this church for the first time for the conference and we pray that they may be blessed by what they heard and saw.

All videos from this conference can be found below the photo gallery.

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