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Sabbath, May 21, 2022

At this time the special endowment of divine grace and power is not less needful to the church than in apostolic days. God will today endow men and women with power from above, as He endowed those who on the day of Pentecost heard the word of salvation. At this very hour His Spirit and His grace are for all who need them and will take Him at His word. The gifts are already ours in Christ, but their actual possession depends upon our reception of the Spirit of God.... If they are connected with Christ, if the gifts of the Spirit are theirs, the poorest and most ignorant of His disciples will have a power that will tell upon hearts. God makes them the channel for the outworking of the highest influence in the universe.. — The Faith I Live By p. 292

The Church at Study - Sabbath School



Rhoda Oprisan

Opening Hymn

#129- Baptize Us Anew With Power


Lesson Review

“The Communion Service” (by Jacob Hanuska)


New Lesson

“Spiritual Gifts” E1: Dalibor Poznic; E2: Dalibor Poznic; Y: Josh Villalabos

Closing Hymn

#323-Breathe On Me, Breath of God

Closing Prayer

The Church at Worship - Divine Service



Tyrone Pedro

Opening Hymn

#514-Blessed Assurance, Jesus Is Mine

Key Text

Romans 15:4

Opening Prayer

Tyrone Pedro


#221-Amazing Grace


“There is Hope” (by Vinicius Kannen)

Closing Hymn

#512- What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Closing Prayer

Vinicius Kannen


Fellowship Lunch: Please join us for fellowship lunch in the basement after the Divine Service

Prayer Meeting: Will be held in person at the church on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.

Missionary Activities: There will be missionary activities on the afternoon of May 28.

Prayer Requests

  1. For our brethren in Russia and in the Ukraine
  2. For all the members and friends of our church who are ill
  3. For our young people, children, and visitors.
  4. For the Holy Spirit to revive us, perfect us, and seal us.
  5. For the winds of strife to be held that God's work in this world may be accomplished, and for the grace, wisdom, and willingness to do His work.

Toronto Church

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