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Sabbath, July 31, 2021

The minds of the Bereans were not narrowed by prejudice. They were willing to investigate the truthfulness of the doctrines preached by the apostles. They studied the Bible, not from curiosity, but in order that they might learn what had been written concerning the promised Messiah. Daily they searched the inspired records, and as they compared scripture with scripture, heavenly angels were beside them, enlightening their minds and impressing their hearts. Wherever the truths of the gospel are proclaimed, those who honestly desire to do right are led to a diligent searching of the Scriptures. If, in the closing scenes of this earth’s history, those to whom testing truths are proclaimed would follow the example of the Bereans, searching the Scriptures daily, and comparing with God’s word the messages brought them, there would today be a large number loyal to the precepts of God’s law, where now there are comparatively few. But when unpopular Bible truths are presented, many refuse to make this investigation. Though unable to controvert the plain teachings of Scripture, they yet manifest the utmost reluctance to study the evidences offered. Some assume that even if these doctrines are indeed true, it matters little whether or not they accept the new light, and they cling to pleasing fables which the enemy uses to lead souls astray. Thus their minds are blinded by error, and they become separated from heaven. All will be judged according to the light that has been given. The Lord sends forth His ambassadors with a message of salvation, and those who hear He will hold responsible for the way in which they treat the words of His servants. Those who are sincerely seeking for truth will make a careful investigation, in the light of God’s word, of the doctrines presented to them.-- Acts of the Apostles pp 231, 232

The Church at Study - Sabbath School



Robert Laberge

Opening Hymn

#558- Heir of the Kingdom


Lesson Review

“Glory Inside a Dungeon” (by Sonia Oprisan)


New Lesson

“Appealing to Minds and Hearts” E1: Tyrone Pedro;

Closing Hymn

#667-Standing on the Promises of Christ

Closing Prayer

The Church at Worship - Divine Service



Dalibor hanuska

Opening Hymn

#664-Jesus Is Coming Again

Key Text

Matthew 24:15

Opening Prayer

Dalibor hanuska


“The Abomination of Desolation - Then and Now” (by Walter Lukic)

Closing Hymn

#647- Onward, Christian Soldiers!

Closing Prayer

Walter Lukic


Choir Practice: There will be choir practice this afternoon.

Prayer Meeting: Will be held, as usual, on Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.

Guyana Donations: Please remember to bring items for Guyana.

Shalom: There will be a retreat for families and young people at Shalom-by-the Lake from Monday 16 August to Wednesday 18 August.

Prayer Requests

  1. For those who are ill, particularly Sr. Lydia Gavric, Sr. Mara Sarcevic, and our friend, Dean.
  2. For our young people, children, and visitors.
  3. For the Holy Spirit to revive us, perfect us, and seal us.
  4. For the wisdom, courage and zeal to proclaim the truth for this time at this time

Mask and Social Distancing Policy:

  1. For current restrictions on church services, please consult the following guidelines:

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