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Sabbath, June 15, 2019

We are living in the most solemn period of this world’s history. The destiny of earth’s teeming multitudes is about to be decided. Our own future well-being and also the salvation of other souls depend upon the course which we now pursue. We need to be guided by the Spirit of truth. Every follower of Christ should earnestly inquire: “Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do?” We need to humble ourselves before the Lord, with fasting and prayer, and to meditate much upon His word, especially upon the scenes of the judgment. We should now seek a deep and living experience in the things of God. We have not a moment to lose. Events of vital importance are taking place around us; we are on Satan’s enchanted ground. Sleep not, sentinels of God; the foe is lurking near, ready at any moment, should you become lax and drowsy, to spring upon you and make you his prey. - Great Controversy p. 601

The Church at Study - Sabbath School


Song Service

Congregation in Song


Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands

Opening Hymn

#179- My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less

Opening Prayer


Jim Gray


Encouraging Experiences / Gratitude

Hymn of Praise

#225- I Stand Amazed in the Presence


Lesson Review

“Deliverance from Our Enemies” (by Sonia Oprisan)


New Lesson

“God Delivers His People” E1: Jaromir Hanuska; E2: Marian Sirbu ; Y: Kaitlin Hanuska


Sabbath School Offering

Closing Hymn

#178-Just When I Need Him Most

Closing Prayer



The Church at Worship - Divine Service


Silent Prayer

Congregation Stands


Dalibor Poznic

Opening Hymn

#20-Praise to the Lord, the Almighty

Key Text

Leviticus 19:2

Opening Prayer

Dalibor Poznic

Tithes and Offerings

Special Music



100- Worthy, Worthy, Is the Lamb


“One Essential Ingredient for Spiritual Growth” (by Marian Sirbu)

Closing Hymn

329- Here Is My Heart! O Lord I Give

Closing Prayer

Marian Sirbu


Fellowship Lunch: Please join us for fellowship lunch in the church basement after the Divine Service

Prayer Meeting: Prayer Meeting will be held as usual this coming Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.

Orchestra and Choir Practice: There will be orchestra practice this afternoon at 2:30 p.m.and choir practice at 4 p.m.

Business Meeting: There will be a short business meeting for all members of the church tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.

Church Cleaning: Church cleaning for the conference will begin immediately after the business meeting tomorrow morning.

Kitchen Arrangements: Everyone is reminded that no work should be done in the kitchen while the Divine Service is in progress. There should also be no loitering or chatting in the dining area. Please give the people on kitchen duty time to prepare: don't expect lunch to be served immediately after the service. Also, unless you are on duty in the kitchen, do not go to the kitchen or hatch to help until the blinds are raised and do not crowd around the serving tables while they are being set. Your cooperation with this is greatly appreciated.

Conference: The annual East Canadian Field Conference will begin next Friday evening (21 June).

Special Offering: This week's offering will support an orphanage in Kenya

Prayer Requests

  1. For our members who are ill, particularly Sr. Mara Sarcevic, Br. Charles Balbach, and Br. Maurice.
  2. For all our church families in Canada.
  3. For our young people, children, and visitors.
  4. For the missionary endeavours of our church, and those contacted through them

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